Personal Branding: Make Your Email Signature Speak Out

Want to boost your personal branding?

Here’s a tip that will set you apart, make you stand out, and speak volumes about your personal brand.

It takes just a few minutes and your signature line on every email you send will reflect the Real You.

Create a special type of image and place it in your email signature.

The others will have a photo or a logo. Fine for them.

You can display a Word Cloud that talks about who you are and what your brand is.  That will differentiate you.

The words you want to show, and their relative size, will be your UNIQUE branding item.

So, what does a personal word cloud look like, and how can you get one.

That’s easy.

1. Go to and take a couple of minutes to create your word cloud.

It’s a lot of fun. Wordle does all the work for you.

Just paste in your resume, your profile, your mission statement etc. and let it rip.

You can even play with colors, fonts, styles, etc.

Then save the image.

2. Go to your email site (such as Gmail) and update your signature line with the image.

For example, go to Gmail;s settings page and insert your Word Cloud using insert image.

You can even use the image to link to your web site or social network site (e.g. linkedin).

You’re all set.

From now on, your emails will have a unique personal branding