HAPPEN – A Unique Career Management Hub

The first facility I want you to know about is the hub for my career management and transition: HAPPEN.

HAPPEN has been successful since 1991 and is Canada’s largest executive network, helping thousands of people and companies grow and meet their match.

Through weekly meetings in Mississauga, Burlington, and Vancouver, HAPPEN provides for a modest membership fee and a more modest meeting fee:

  • a live social network,
  • meetings with great speakers (specializing from legal to resume to motivational) 
  • workshops (live! real facilitators in the room)
  • celebration of progress and pain,
  • as well as amazing access to people and tools and unique functions to help.

Whether you are in transition or just wishing you were, HAPPEN is worth a  close look.


Welcome to 21st Century Career Management

Welcome to 21st Century Career Management.

We will be exploring the full suite of career management functions, and I will share with your part of my journey.

This blog will highlight some of the great figures in career management: authors, speakers, counsellors, consultants … and their methods and tools.

You will get a bird’s eye view of some snippets of advice I have gleaned from speakers, books, videos and web tools.